Essay writing: Do I have to write an essay?

Why do I have to write an essay? – that’s the most common question that the young ones are asking. In fact it’s quite annoying but when you know how to answer it, then becomes quite interesting. It’s not unknown that kids don’t want do study because they hate it .

Maybe that’s imagethe most unpleasant thing they have to deal with. All kids are full of energy and the place they spend it out is outdoor. As parents it’s our job to encourage their work, although it’s homework and to try to show them that expressing opinion with arguments is good start in life.

In time own opinion may become the last word to say and have to be persuasive in order to reach your goal or point of view, because many companies require convincing speaking behavior.

As parents you will have to go through this. Patience is the key of the success. Beware if you go behind the line and you find it’s too late. You may never be able to go back again.

If essay writing is not your thing, you may try the debate class, it’s the same thing only that you don’t have to write and you have to think faster.