Essay writing: Do I have to write an essay?

Why do I have to write an essay? – that’s the most common question that the young ones are asking. In fact it’s quite annoying but when you know how to answer it, then becomes quite interesting. It’s not unknown that kids don’t want do study because they hate it .

Maybe that’s imagethe most unpleasant thing they have to deal with. All kids are full of energy and the place they spend it out is outdoor. As parents it’s our job to encourage their work, although it’s homework and to try to show them that expressing opinion with arguments is good start in life.

In time own opinion may become the last word to say and have to be persuasive in order to reach your goal or point of view, because many companies require convincing speaking behavior.

As parents you will have to go through this. Patience is the key of the success. Beware if you go behind the line and you find it’s too late. You may never be able to go back again.

If essay writing is not your thing, you may try the debate class, it’s the same thing only that you don’t have to write and you have to think faster.

Proposals writing – Rule No.3 (Pictures/Images)

Just as the part of the result dominates the available space, so is forming the pictures of the results the backbone of the work. Any results that you can not get convincingly documented, should not even be described. Use only those pictures whose quality you consider to be excellent (the others are getting things worse rather than better, when you come to think about it).


If you have been advised by your supervisor well, you have already taken into consideration, from the very beginning, to gain the optimum of each test series images / registration curves, etc.

If not, you can now find it necessary to repeat some tests just to get viable photomicrographs (no dust particles on any sections / with regular and even illumination / with important content placed in focus), imagederivatives (without askew parts / without power-related artifacts / with good reversibility), or blots (without ‘snaking’ the gel / without colorings / with standards properly covered).

That is so annoying and that is so inevitable; if your best pictures (and these are exactly the ones that belong in the dissertation!) make a negligent impression – guess what the experts will think about the reliability and credibility of your experiments!

Illustrations in a dissertation may and should be of large format (the sharpness is increased by Photomicrographs’ requirements). They are the focal point for the casual reader, and together with the corresponding figure legends, they occasionally must, if necessary, carry the whole “message”.

So, think in particular on the part of your audience that is not familiar with the subject matter of your work! All figures must be served “bite-size”: superscribe everything you will see on the picture, or you will need guidance for. On photomicrographs there must be the essential cell types (or components thereof), or accordingly – layers, of tissue as they are called; something that also is essential for your message is to contain file shares highlighted – arrows, asterisks, etc. (and of course the legend should say so).

Marks of the zero lines and the time periods in which a test substance was applied also should be found on pictures of registration curves, as well as scales or calibration bars for the time and the measured parameters.

Dissertation work

These days there are a lot of possibilities and ways that offers ready-to-have dissertation works. Online in the net and even on the today’s magazines there are lots and lots of offers of that kind. Easily you can pay somebody to do your work. But isn’t that cheating?

Back in days universities didn’t have the policy of accepting everyone who wants to study certain subject. Usually someone was accepted if their parents had studied in that university or if you were from the bourgeoisie and your parents had a profession of work. Whoever had been studied in the university he would have all the time he needed and would have been involved in all type of activities. One part of his time would have been for studying other part for pleasures. The lections back then were like some kind of prestige conferences and the most concerned students had the opportunity to be involved in seminars along with their professors.

Today many Americans universities have class noimage more than 20 students (all are paying quite high taxes and they always have a professor on their disposal to discus with). If the situation today was same like back then, no online, ready-to-have dissertations would be needed, because everyone would have known how to do their academic assignment.

However today’s situation is not really so pretty. Universities already has the title of a mass university so everyone who wants a higher degree can study there in order to get it. All types of students can be found there. Coming from a different type of social origins and all types of high schools. Some apply for philosophy or philology although Latin or Greek language has never been studied in their schools. It’s true that Latin is hardly applicable for most of the subjects, but for philosophy and for philology it is strongly needed.